My holiday in Elba

If you can only spare a couple of days on the Island of Elba, you'll have to make the most of the little time you have: there are so many things to do and places to go that even a whole month wouldn't be long enough to get to know it fully!

Unfortunately, the chores of everyday life and work often leave us very little time to spend on ourselves... this is why a detailed programme and our useful suggestions will prove invaluable even if only for a taste of the most beautiful places and beaches on the island.

Going to the Island of Elba for a day or for three days means putting yourself completely in the hands of Infoelba and following your heart: the moment you see the first views, the golden sands and crystal clear sea, you won't be able to resist going to see the rest of the island.

We are providing you with a detailed programme of what to go and see in one or more days, by car or by motorbike, including times and routes, so that, when it's time to leave the island, you will at least be able to say you've seen the most beautiful and important places.

We are absolutely certain that if you look back at Elba from the ferry as the sun sets, you will make it promise: that one day you will go back to this island that has made all of your wishes come true.

Elba in one day

Here are some suggestions if you want to make the most of a one day trip to the island of Elba.

Elba in three days

You need at least three days to go round Elba. We suggest you divide your map into three parts.
The eastern side and the mines
A long car ride towards the eastern side of Elba as far as Cavo, in search of places rich in history and breathtaking views.

Portoferraio and the white sands beaches
In the morning we'll visit the historicall part of Portoferraio, its forts and its Napoleonic villas, in the afternoon a swim in the sea at Le Ghiaie or Sansone

The western side and the Costa del Sole
A scenic tour of Marciana, Marciana Marina, Monte Capanne and the Costa del Sole, with time for a well deserved swim in Fetovaia.

Elba by motorbike

Touring Elba by motorbike is a unique and unforgettable joy: The winding, coastal roads round the Island of Elba have one bend after another.
The western ring road
By motorbike round what is called the western ring road of the Island of Elba, 40 km of beautiful scenery.

From Porto Azzurro to Cavo
Moving to the eastern side of the Island of Elba we can start off at Porto Azzurro for our second tour, and head for Rio Marina and Cavo.

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