From Porto Azzurro to Cavo by motor bike

If we move to the eastern side of the Island of Elba, we can start our second tour at Porto Azzurro.

This town is very popular among tourists, thanks to its numerous restaurants, one after the other, both on the seafront and inside the town, all with their tables outside in the lanes or in the main square. The square has been recently renovated, and is, without a doubt, the heart and soul of the town, both for locals during the winter and for tourists during the summer.

From Porto Azzurro we head for Rio Marina: the road on this part of the island is straighter and the bends wider than those on the western side, and towards the end it becomes very scenic with great views of the coastline on the mainland.

There is a junction at the end of the road; if you go left you get to Rio nell'Elba, and if you go straight on, after two or three bends you get to Rio Marina where you can visit the Muneral Park Museum.

Past Rio Marina, the next town is Cavo, but before you get there you will see wonderful views of the mines on your left. Cavo, part of Rio Marina, is about 8 km away, and the entire town runs along the seafront; it is very popular among tourists in July and August. The mainland seems so near from here, you can clearly see the smokestacks of the ironworks in Piombino with their smoke that never stops, as if wanting to remind us that the city must keep its distance.

From here you can only head back because sadly you are at the end of the island, but you can, if you wish, go a different road and take the La Parata: it doesn't go along the coast but through the promontory, and at times is rather narrow and not very smooth, but precisely because of its tight bends it is always part of the road the rally is held on.

It takes us back to the Rio nell'Elba-Rio Marina junction, and if, again, you want to go a different road, take the Volterraio one, with many breathtaking bends, changing quickly from uphill to downhill; it takes you right to the top where the Volterraio Castle is, and when you get here you can stop under the pine trees and admire the view of Portoferraio that is absolutely unique.

Once you're down you can either head for Portoferraio or turn back towards Capoliveri-Porto Azzurro.

This tour is about 45km long, and you will find several petrol stations along the way, as well as in Cavo, your destination.

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