Round the western ring road by motorbike

An absolute must if you like scenic roads is to go round the "western ring road": 40 km of beautiful scenery, starting off at Marina di Campo and heading for Seccheto, Fetovaia, maybe even stopping and parking your bike only a few metres away from Cavoli, not only the most popular beach among the youngsters, but also a hot favourite during the winter with local motorbikers who often go to listen to the waves breaking on the shore.

On the road again, better now that it has recently been made smoother, follow the coast road until you get to Pomonte, a beautiful town with the granite mountain of Monte Capanne towering over it. The road then goes up to Marciana, and from here, the view is absolutely breathtaking.

Once you are past Colle Dorano, you soon get to La Zanca and Sant'Andrea, a beautiful sea town famous for its cliffs and flowered gardens at the bottom; keep going, and a little further magic you have chestnut trees all round...and the air is cooler! Makes you think you're in the mountains! Actually you're very near, just go round a few more bends and that's you in Marciana, 375 m above sea level. Time for a break and a coffee.

Now you have to go downhill, with holm oaks and chestnut trees all around, and this takes you to Marciana Marina; you can go right along the sea front on your bike. If you have some spare time while you're here, make sure you go and see Cotone, the tiny fishing part of the town on the rocks with the colourful wooden rowing boats in its tiny harbour.

Your last stop round the western ring road is Procchio.

From Marina di Campo, where you started off, via Pomonte, don't forget the first petrol station is in Marciana Marina, 35 km away.

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