Elba in three or more days

If you only have three days to visit the Island of Elba, don't give into temptation, you might as well accept right from the start that you just can't stop at the first wonderful beach you get to (even two weeks wouldn't be enough!!!).

As we have already said on many occasions, the beauty and uniqueness of the Island of Elba are due to the enormous variety of environments, both natural and geological, to be found in only 224 square metres.

We think you need at least three days if you want to visit the island of Elba, so we suggest you buy a map of the island and divide it into three parts: draw a line from San Giovanni to Lacona, and another from Lacona to Procchio. Each section stands for one day of your trip.

Before setting off on your discovery trip of the island, make sure your accommodation is in the central part of the island, (Portoferraio is suitable because the ferries and the public bus service leave from here), and check up on the wind forecast, much more important than the weather forecast. Once you know where winds and currents blow from, you will be able to choose the area you want to start off from, but above all, the beaches and coasts will be at their very best.

The eastern side and the mines

A long car ride towards the eastern side of Elba as far as Cavo, in search of places rich in history and breathtaking views.

Portoferraio and the white sands beaches

In the morning we'll visit the historicall part of Portoferraio, its forts and its Napoleonic villas, in the afternoon a swim in the sea at Le Ghiaie or Sansone

The western side and the Costa del Sole

A scenic tour of Marciana, Marciana Marina, Monte Capanne and the Costa del Sole, with time for a well deserved swim in Fetovaia.
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