Things to do in Elba if it rains, if it's windy, or if you simply want to get to know the island better

Whatever the season, whatever the weather, or whatever the mood you're in, the sun always shines in Elba while you are on holiday!

If it rains, if it's windy, or if maybe you just don't fancy going to the beach, there are loads of things to see and do.

You will find lots of useful information in this part so you can always be ready for anything, and so you can experience Elba in ways you would never have thought possible.

What to do if it rains

Even if it rains or the weather isn't at its best in Elba there are always lots of things to do, places to visit, and farms that serve good food.

What to do if it's windy

Regarless of which wind is blowing on the Island of Elba, a swim is guaranteed as long as you choose the right area. How to distinguish one wind from the other.

What to do if it's too hot

Where to go on the Island of Elba if it's too hot for the beach. Finding somewhere cooler and more relaxing.

What to do if it's still a bit cool

The Island of Elba has a mild and moderate climate, which means you can have a swim in the sea even in Spring, when it is still quite cool.

What to do if you're bored with the beach

Elba isn't just sun and sea, but also history and culture. What to do on the Island of Elba if you are bored with the beach.

Round the western side

Going round the coast road from Procchio to Marina di Campo, called the western ring road, to admire breathtaking views.
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