Elba isn't just sun and sea, but also history and culture

You're in for a big surprise if you think the Island of Elba is only sea and coasts, wait till you've seen the inland

Even though it is only 224 square metres, there is something for everybody: aquariums and mines that might interest children, exhibitions, museums and places of historical interest for art and culture fans, scenic, nature and archeological view points for those who love a holiday in the open air, and farms and wine cellars for those who enjoy good food and wine.

If you want to be carefree, you can also rely on expert guides who will take you along the paths round the island and show you the most beautiful and hidden places; or you can go on a motor boat trip along the rugged coasts of the Island of Elba or to the other islands of the Archipelago like Pianosa, Capraia and Giglio.

If you haven't yet thought about "presents","little somethings" and "souvenirs" to take back with you, take our advice and spend a pleasant day doing some shopping - see our page - and maybe buy some typical Elba products: from minerals to handicrafts, from perfumes to cosmetics, from cakes to sweet and table wines that you will find only on the Island of Elba.

We are sure it's clear to you now, if you're bored with the beach don't worry...you'll never be bored on the Island of Elba!

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