A wide choice of things to do when you visit Pianosa

There is a wide choice of ways to go round the Island of Pianosa. In summer there have been excursions both at dawn and at dusk that are carried out with the Park Guides.

Walking through the village of Pianosa

A visit amidst the suggestive buildings of the old town of Pianosa to get to know its history, life and customs of the people who once lived there, from the Stone Age to the XIX century.

Every Tuesday a Toremar ferry takes passengers across and the day concludes with a visit to the archaeological site of Bagni di Agrippa.

Nature trek

An easy excursion  that anyone can do, across the hinterland of the Island of Pianosa where you can still see drystone walls, the cultivations of the past and the various buildings that made up the ex prison. The Park Guides will accompany you on a geological tour, and as you stop along the way surrounded by Mediterranean bush you can admire the view of the coastline while you learn about the formation of the fossils and the endemisms of Pianosa.

Archaeology trek

The Park Guides will also take you to the new archaeology sites that have brought to light important remains from the XIX century about which beforehand little was known up till now. Next stop is the Belvedere, the highest part of the island from where the view all around is beautiful, then on to the remains of the Villa di Agrippo Postumo  on Cala Giovanna beach where, if you wish, you can go for a swim.

Paleontology trek

Southwards excursion in the inland of Pianosa heading for the Inlet facing the tiny Scola Rock, and as you cross the pinewood in the direction of the coast you get to the Cala di Biagio Grotto; here, thanks to recent excavation work, in the XIX century many lithic prehistoric remains were brought to the light, as well as the bones of dears and cows, proof of a constantly growing connection with the mainland. You will be able to see the resin casts of these remains.

Snorkelling in Cala dei Turchi

This excursion enables you to admire a totally pristine sea bed that only a protected environment like Pianosa can offer you. Only small groups at a time, with flippers, mask and snorkel may take part, and they will have the joy of seeing a marine flora and fauna along the coast chosen by the Park Authorities specifically for its unique beauty.

Mountain bike

Pedalling along sloping roads and paths you get to the junction at Marchese on the far northern part of the island, and here you can admire the breathtaking view of the bay of Porto Romano; keep going along the rocks on the western side of the coast, and on your way back you will go past what used to be the buildings that made up the penal colony.


If you go on one of these excursions that start off at the old port and go along the eastern coast of Pianosa - these too are only for small groups at a time - you will have the rare and unique chance of sailing in a protected sea area and admiring the breathtaking coastline and suggestive cliffs of the island.

Horse and carriage guided tour

A slow, relaxing way to discover the almost magical beauty and nature of the island. On this excursion you will see the buildings of the ex prison and the Gardens of Pianosa, and you will stop along the way to admire the wonderful panorama.

info &bookings

You can take part in any of these excursions organized that are organized by the Park Authorities but you may do so accompanied by the Park Guides only and they can only be be booked through the Info Park number 0565 908231 or at the Pianosa Park Offices.

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