Tuscan Archipelago National Park: The 45 projects in the Plan of Action

In 2015 the Tuscan Archipelago National Park started the procedure for obtaining the European Card of Eco-Friendly Tourism (CETS) and decided to spend all its energy in stipulating an effective strategy of eco-friendly tourism to be shared with all those taking part in the project.

In 2015 the Tuscan Archipelago National Park took the first steps in order to obtain the Card:
1) Forwarding their application to the Europarc Federation;
2) Creating and running the Forums, that can be viewed via streaming;
3) Creating the Diagnostic Report;
4) Creating, alongside the Commues, firms, associations and private citizens, the 5 year Plan of Action: on December 14th 2015 the Park held the final forum of the certification of the European Card of eco-friendly tourism, where all those concerned, (including infoelba) passed and subscribed to do their best to create 45 operating movements included in the Plan of Action that cover three main areas of interest:

  • Present and Future Eco-Friendly situations
  • Up to date information about both locals and tourists
  • Promoting local products

5) All the information gathered and subscribed to was sent to the Europarc Federation in Brussels to be assessed, and to decide if the work carried out in the past months by the Tuscan Archipelago National Park is worthy of the Card.

In 2016 the Europarc Federation assessment committee, once it had closely studied both the application and the conclusions that the judges had reached in the spring and summer on site, gave a positive assessment of the work the Federparchi had carried out.

The Tuscan Archipelago National Parkwas hence awarded the CETS. Along with three other Italian protected areas it was granted the European Card of Eco-Friendly Tourism and the official ceremony will take place at the European Parliament in Brussels in December.

Once the Europarc Federation has given the go ahead, all those who have applied for the Card will be obliged to put their Plan of Action into practise and constantly monitor the results that must then be sent to the European Committee to be assessed.

Likewise we of INFOELBA srl is at present and will continue to take part in the project with the following aim: Giving information and promoting their territory.

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