A short ferry crossing takes you to Pianosa, Giglio, Capraia and Montecristo

There are motor boats from the various towns on the Island of Elba that go on daily excursions to the other islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. Since all seven of the Mediterranean jewels are very near to eachother, it doesn't take long to get to Pianosa, Giglio, Capraia; here, as with Montecristo, there are some restrictions in force. On the Island of Elba you can also hire a boat- with or without a skipper - and go sailing along the Mediterranean Sea. Since the spring of 2016, from the port of Livorno, you have also been allowed to go to the Island of Gorgona


During the summer months, a crossing of one hour and 45 minutes with the Aquavision shipping company from Portoferraio or from Marciana Marina takes you to rugged Capraia .

Before getting to the actual port, the boat stops at Cala Rossa, where the suggestive red rocks, deposited over hundreds of years of magmatic eruptions, remind us that this is the only island in the Tuscan Archipelago of volcanic origin.


You can now go to Pianosa at any time of the year and admire it's unique, breathtaking beauty all year round. It takes just under an hour from Elba to get there, but since access up to a mile from the island is granted to authorised ships only, but since up to a mile from the island unauthorized boats are not granted access we advise you to go there on a guided excursion.

Crossings are done by the Aquavision Shipping Companyfrom the port in Marina di Campo, and every Tuesday the Toremar Shipping Company also does a crossing from Rio Marina (from Piombino).

Once you're on Pianosa you can choose from four types of daily guided tours with the authorized Guides: on foot, by bus, by horse drawn carriage or by mountain bike, and if you wish you can go inland and see what up till not long ago used to be the prison.

On days when the weather is good, snorkelling lovers can swim in the crystal clear water of Pianosa and admire the very rich and varied sea bed in Cala San Giovanni. In recent years, the Park Authorities have allowed individual expert scuba divers and small groups, accompanied by environmental guides, to go scuba diving in what are considered today some of the Mediterranean's most unknown waters.


Those who have decided to spend their summer holidays on the Island of Elba may want to go on a day trip to Giglio and discover the second largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago. The crossing from Elba to Giglio leaves from Porto Azzurro on an Aquavision shipping company ferry and takes about two hours.

Heading for Giglio, before you actually get to the small town in the port, you can't help but notice the enchanting and very colourful town of Giglio Porto, with its characteristic, tight fit pastel coloured houses facing the sea, and the narrow alleys and lanes.

During the summer months, the Maregiglio shipping company also does mini cruises from Porto Santo Stefano, with a short stop at the Island of Giglio, to the nearby Island of Giannutri so you can admire the beauty of both islands all in one day.

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