A journey across the words of writers and poets from all over the world who were enchanted by the island of Elba

Whether it's because of its varied natural environments, or because of its history, from the Etruscan period to the days of Napoleon, the Island of Elba has always really fascinated poets and writers from all over the world. Like the French writer and photographer Hervé Guibert who chose it as a way of escape from the chaos of the city in search of some spiritual peace of mind, or the Welsh poet and writer Dylan Thomas who in 1947 chose it for inspiration for his works, and at times even described it, or the American writer Joanna Scott who chose it as a setting for her works.

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“Tourmaline" by Joanna Scott

Joanna Scott, American writer and Pulitzer Prize winner, was so fascinated by Elba and its tourmaline that in 2002 she wrote and set one of her books there