Where to go for an unforgettable and enjoyable holiday in Elba

Sea, country-side and mountains, on the Island of Elba you can choose from spending your holiday swimming underwater down to the sea bed, or ploughing through the water in a canoe or a sailing boat, or going for walks, or riding a horse or a mountain bike along the green paths of the National Park.

On the other hand, simply spending a day on a golf course, tennis courts or in a play ground; discovering the island's traditional and local celebrations, tasting good, home made cuisine and local products from the gastronomical stands at the village festivals.

For those who wish to stay up late, there are many night clubs on the island: pubs, discos, wine bars, beerhouses etc where you can stay with friends until the early hours of the morning, meet new people or simply spend a carefree evening.

Infoelba advice: go and see the aquarium and faunal museum of the Island of Elba. For more information on all the events and displays on the island of Elba, go on to our website ElbaEventi.it.


Elba has many indoor cinemas, some with 3D films.


On the island of Elba many theatres hos both plays and concerts.

Night life

During the summer there are many nightclubs if you want to drink, chat , dance and have a good time till the early hours of the morning.

Play parks

In Elba there are play parks to suit all ages and tastes. Inflatables and trampolines, minigolf, everything for everybody.

Water games

Where to find water games fo having fun on the beaches on the Island of Elba. Banana boat, windsurf, water skiing.
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