A detailed tour of the nightclubs in Elba

There are many nightclubs open during the summer months, from June to August, where you can drink, chat, dance and enjoy yoursel until the early hours of the morning.

Before going out for dinner, why not go and have something to drink in one of the many bars where they prepare very tasty aperitifs, like the Baretto, or the famous Bar Roma in the old part of Portoferraio, or the Tamatain Porto Azzurro, or the Mirò in Marina di Campo, or the Cantina (ex Coltelli pub) or the Grammofono in Marciana Marina or the Rodriguez in Capoliveri.

On the other hand, if you prefer to have an aperitif on the beach, you can choose one of the many bathing establishments spread all over the island that in the evening change to romantic bars where you can sip your drink as you watch the sun set.

Those who love dancing at discos still wearing their swimming costume and sunglasses will prefer to stop at Cavoli, the beautiful beach in the commune of Campo nell'Elba where there are frequent beach parties during the summer.

Some places where there are many good bars and pubs to start your evening off are in Porto Azzurro, or at the Garden Beach in Marina di Campo or at the Yachting Club in Marciana Marina where you can listen to good live music while you have something to drink.

Over the past few years, the bar known as La Gran Guardia in Portoferraio has started offering pleasant evenings with live or dj music, while the La Vela bar is now very popular among teenagers.

Night lovers can head for discos and disco pubs like the Butterfly (ex Tinello) that opened in 2016, Giannino, the Club 64 and watch the sun risealong with old and new friends.

Here is a list of some of the places to go if you want to have a good time on the Island of Elba.

Garden Beach

Right opposite the beach, it's the perfect place if you want to listen to good live music as you sip a delicious, colourful cocktail prepared for you by the young bartenders.

The Garden Beach is in Via Giusti, on the seafront in Marina di Campo.

Il Rifrullo

A spacious, friendly bar where you can choose from simple first courses, pizzas, and "schiaccine" till the early hours of the morning while you listen to live music.

The Rifrullo is in Via Gracco, 35 in Portoferraio.

Butterfly Discotheque (ex Tinello)

A lively place for young people, inaugurated under its new name in March 2016, the perfect place for listening to music played by local DJs, or to live music, and dance under the stars.

The Butterfly Discotheque is in Casina in Marina di Campo

Giannino Live Music

The careers of many famous Italian musicians who came to play live music in this famous disco on the island of Elba started here, so who knows, maybe the group whose music you're dancing to will be famous in the near future! It is open till 5 in the morning, and the music is always first class.

The Giannino Live Music is in La Pila, in Marina di Campo.

Club 64

Opened in 1964, hence the name, it was the first disco on the Island of Elba. There are two dance floors, an indoor one for techno and house music, and an outdoor one where some of the best known djs come, and the entire place is inside a Mediterranean style villa that looks on to the Gulf of La Biodola.

The Club 64 disco is in Capannone, in Portoferraio.


It was originally called L'Ophir, and many locals still use that name. Perfect for teenagers, it is divided into three different parts, one for live music, one for dance music and the other for house music. Quite often there are Theme Parties, and at least once a week there's also a foam party.

The Deco disco is in La Trappola, in Capoliveri.

Mandel Club

The perfect place for music lovers who also want to have a good time. On many evenings Latin-American music is played, or that from the 60s, 70s and 80s!

The Mandel Club discotheque is in Marcone in Capoliveri.

Photos by Patrizio Usai
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