Where to see theatrical plays in Elba

The all time theatre on the Island of Elba is the Teatro dei Vigilanti in Portoferraio. Napoleon had it built in 1814 in what used to be a deconsecrated church, and today it offers a wide selection of high quality concerts and plays.The programme also includes shows and plays for children.

The Garibaldi Theatre in Rio nell'Elba offers major cultural events that are also publicised on a billboard that includes both plays and films.

In May 2014, once renovation was completed, the Teatro Cinema Flamingo in Capoliveri was re-opened. Since both theatrical plays and concerts are held there, the programme is complete and suitable for both adults and children.

Still in Capoliveri, in July, surrounded by the enchanting atmosphere inside the Ginevro Mine you can take part in the Magnetic Festival, with a selection dedicated to the art of music in every possible form.

In July and August, if you go to the open air theatre that has been created inside the mines in Rio Marina you can see plays and concerts in truly unique settings, with red earth around you and a crystal clear sea below you.

During the summer months you can also watch plays and musicals in the town squares when temporary stages are set up in suggestive surroundings.

Theatrical plays on the Island of Elba

Photos Cosimo de' Medici
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