Trekking, mountain bike, horseback

Whether you are an expert sportsman or whether you simply love being surrounded by nature and experiencing new emotions, the Island of Elba always has the right recipe for making your holiday an unforgettable experience.

The Island of Elba is one of the bikers' favourite places, as well as being a never ending path for trekking, so it is the perfect place for those whose idea of a complete holiday means doing physical exercise in the middle of nature.

Thanks to its mild climate and its varying nature untouched by man, the island is perfect both for those who practice extreme sports, and for those who prefer doing something less strenuous: there are outdoor sports for everybody. Whether you are on foot, on horseback, or on a mountain bike, it is undoubtedly the best way to go through the woods or across the stony ground on the Island of Elba; this is the only way to come across small sea towns, or stories of shepherds engraved on ancient dolomites, or the intense perfumes of the Mediterranean scrub, or the colours of the wild, vivid nature.

A holiday on the Island of Elba gives you the chance to put yourself to the test and find out just how courageous you really are by trying free climbing on the numerous cliffs; if you prefer you can spend a relaxing day on a golf course. In both cases expert instructors are willing to teach even amateurs or those not used to physical exercise.

During the summer months there are many occasions if you wish to take part in agonistic races or competitions, some even at an international level: mountain bike, running, golf, rallying, and many others that are perfect for the wild, natural environment that is so typical of this island.

If, on the other hand, you want a totally relaxing holiday so you can forget stress and worries, the San Giovanni Thermal Baths have a wide choice of treatments to offer.

Suggestion by Infoelba: Don't forget to bring water and energy drinks with you. Always respect nature. Do not damage any plants or any animals. Never leave any rubbish lying around.

Elba by bike

The beautiful conformation of the territory and a mild climate all year round makes cycling across the best way to discover the Island of Elba
Details and information of routes suitable for bikes

Mountain Bike
Choose to discover the Island of Elba on an MTB: suggested routes

Extreme cycling
Details and information about the most extreme disciplines and itineraries that you can do on the Island of Elba.

Bikepackers and families
Easy itineraries and safe routes for amateur cyclists and families with small children who want to discover Elba.

Groups and teams
List of routes that bikers can follow in groups and teams.

List of difficult routes suitable for heavy training.

Information and facilities
Useful information and a list of facilities cyclists can find on the Island of Elba.

Hotels for bikepackers
List of hotels that cater for bikepackers

The most famous cycling races on the island of Elba, where every year cyclists from all over Italy and abroad put themselves to the test.


Trekking routes in the varied countryside of the Island of Elba, one of the most suggestive in the Mediterranean.
Paths and trails
Trekking paths and trails in Elba for beginners and experts, suggestions on how to follow them and respect nature, and what to wear.

Elba Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking in Elba: a healthy activity suitable for all that is done in the heart of the magnificent nature on the island.

Previous editions of the Walking Festival
A review of the past years’ Walking Festivals

Free Climbing

A simple guide for those who wish to do free climbing on the Island of Elba.
Madonna del Monte
Free climbing cliffs along the path of Madonna del Monte

San Bartolomeo
Free climbing up San Bartolomeo cliff, above the town of Chiessi

La Freccia - Pomonte
Free climbing cliff above the town of Pomonte.

Where to do free climbing up the cliffs between Seccheto and Fetovaia, along the Costa del Sole.

San Francesco Severo
Cliff for free climbing alon the road to Monte Perone, near the San Francesco Severo Hermitage.

Ginepro cliff
Cliff on the Ginepro beach, along the Costa dei Gabbiani, for doing free climbing.

Ginepro grotto
Free climbing on the Ginepro grotto, along the Costa dei Gabbiani.

Free climbing cliff on Remaiolo beach, along the Costa dei Gabbiani .

Baia dei Pirati
Free climbing in the Baia dei Pirati on the eastern side of Elba

Horse riding

There are several equestrian centres on the Island of Elba where you will find company for your excursions on horseback.


The Acquabona Golf Club on the Island of Elba has one course in the Tuscan Arhipelago National Park, and is a 9 hole course.

Five-a-side football

Pitches for playing five-a-side football during your holiday: Portoferraio, Marina di Campo and Marciana Marina


A list of tennis courts and clubs so you can play during your holidays in Elba.
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