By bike:the best way to get to know Elba all year round

Not just sea, sun and beaches, without a doubt the Island of Elba can be described as a bikers' paradise.

Short distances, varying altitude ranges, interesting paths from a technical point of view and pleasant routes are all suitable for cyclists of any level regardless of how much or how little experience they have, whether they choose to go through the hinterland with dense woods or follow the breathtaking roads along the coast. The mild climate means you can do this outdoor sport all year round.

In summer, a gentle sea breeze over the coastal roads helps keep you cool, but should you suffer the heat when the sun is at its hottest, just head upwards towards the mountains and seek some refreshment in the shade of the chestnut trees; autumn colours offer truly picturesque scenery, while during the winter months, if you follow the paths across the whole of Elba you will see the snow capped highest peaks not just in Elba but also those in some of the nearby islands. As soon as spring comes back, and Mother Nature blossoms back to life with the lush, Mediterranean bush in full bloom, those considered "Sunday cyclists" come out to admire the multi coloured countryside all around, as well as the breathtaking view of the sea, and breathe in the perfumes of the aromatic herbs, pansies, and broom.

Anybody can discover the Island of Elba by bike: on a mountain bike through the woods , or on a bike in search of coastal and hillside villages, uphill and downhill along the mule tracks and gravel roads. This is the Elba that lovers of extreme cycling want to discover.

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Details and information of routes suitable for bikes

Mountain Bike

Choose to discover the Island of Elba on an MTB: suggested routes

Extreme cycling

Details and information about the most extreme disciplines and itineraries that you can do on the Island of Elba.

Bikepackers and families

Easy itineraries and safe routes for amateur cyclists and families with small children who want to discover Elba.

Groups and teams

List of routes that bikers can follow in groups and teams.


List of difficult routes suitable for heavy training.

Information and facilities

Useful information and a list of facilities cyclists can find on the Island of Elba.

Hotels for bikepackers

List of hotels that cater for bikepackers


The most famous cycling races on the island of Elba, where every year cyclists from all over Italy and abroad put themselves to the test.