Itineraries for amateur cyclists

For those cyclists who consider themselves amateurs with little experience, and who probably choose the itinerary that best suits their type of bike, they will no doubt want to take their time as they cycle round the Island of Elba, with its lush, Mediterranean bush that gives off so many rich perfumes.
In order to relax and cycle slowly, and avoid any busy traffic, the best time to do this is in the low season: this way, whether you pedal along the coastal roads or across the hills, you will be able to stop in at any of the bars and restaurants in the small, characteristic towns and villages. Bear in mind however that, although you have a wide choice of roads, many of them are winding, and often go suddenly from uphill to downhill, so we suggest you study them in detail before you set off!

On the other hand, since many of the roads in Elba are somewhat narrow and are often full of bends, we would advise families with small children to opt for easier and safer routes. For example, why not choose one of the bicycle lanes to be found in many parts of Elba, so that you can admire the breathtaking scenery and places of historical interest without having to rush.

Over the past few years, the Town Councils on the Island of Elba have really started taking an interest in alternative, environment friendly and sustainable methods of transport, above all bicycles, and this is why so many new bicycle lanes have been created.

This ecological way of thinking has meant an increase in the creation of lanes that are specifically for cyclists and pedestrians only , enabling both locals and tourists to get about more freely in and around the towns in Elba; some communes also have abike sharingsystem with photovoltaic shelters for the stands where you can recharge electric bikes. Not only that, many hotels now have a bike rental service for their guests, while others even provide them free of charge./p>

Cycling can therefore be considered the best way to get about in a relaxed and safe way, whether you want to go to the beach or a museum, or take your children to an amusement park or to the aquarium. And since Elba isn't as small as many people think, another possibility is to reach your destination by car, then go for a ride on a bike.

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