Going round Elba on your bike

If you prefer your much loved bike to a mountain bike, the Island of Elba is just what you need. Elba offers a great number of road networks that are fascinating from a scenic point of view, as well as being interesting from a technical point of view, and this is why many of the roads are perfect if you want to do some training, while others are ideal for those who simply enjoy cycling.
The breathtaking view before you as you pedal along makes it somewhat difficult to keep your eyes on the road: if you're going along a coastal road you will see the sheer cliffs that go down as far as the sea, the white sands beaches, the beautiful bays where the water is crystal clear, and the Islands of Capraia, Montecristo and even Corsica on the horizon.
The roads are always unexpectedly interesting thanks to the height level that, at times uphill, at others downhill, means the road may be rather winding.
The bends may be tight or long, so perfect for those who want to put their muscles to the test and see just how fit they are as they cover long distances on their bike. You will go from high, rugged peaks like that of Volterraio or Monte Capanne where the steep, uphill and downhill roads can be very tiring, to flat, easy roads by the sea; we suggest the latter if you're not an expert cyclist.

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Western ring road in an anticlockwise direction

Cycle round the western ring road in an anti clockwise direction starting off in Marina di Campo and heading northwards and the western part of Elba.

Western ring road in a clockwise direction

Follow the ring road round Campo (south coast), heading westwards and northwards till you're back to your to your starting point.