Cycle round the western ring road in a clockwise direction

The entire length of the western ring road is about 47 kilometres and is the road round the western side of Elba that you can do in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

Our route starts off on the southern side of the Island of Elba, in Marina di Campo, first towards the western and then the northern part of the island, and finally back to Marina di Campo.

There are two tiring, uphill parts: Punta Nera, with differences in level as much as 10% and Marciana that may be "easier" but is also longer. Breathtaking views will keep you good company because for most of the way the cliffs go right down to the sea.

You start off in the car park Marina di Campo where you can leave your car.

andhead for "Cavoli" on a level road for 2/3 kilometres so you can warm up your muscles a little. When you get to the Beyfin petrol station from there on the road is uphill (2%) until the junction in "Colle Palombaia" for San Piero, and the next few hundred metres have a difference in level of 5/6% so it isn't very difficult. This is where the Costa del Sole starts, in one of the most beautiful parts of the Island of Elba where you will find some of the most famous white sands beaches like Cavoli, Seccheto and Fetovaia.

The road runs along the top of steep cliffs that go right down to the sea, and on your left you will see the beautifulIsland of Pianosa, the "flat" island, with the Island of Corsica on the horizon, where on clear days you can even make out the town of Bastia. Although the road isn't very wide, it is very smooth with little traffic.

Now you go downhill as you go past the junction for Cavoli and head for Seccheto along a slightly sloped road. Go past the towns of Fetovaia, Pomonte and Chiessi along a road that is at times uphill and at others downhill.

As soon as you're past the town of Chiessiyou'll start the most difficult part of your journey, all uphill as far as Punta Nera with differences in level as much as 10%. Although the climb isn't very long be careful if there's a strong wind because you might find it more difficult and tiring if your bike has aluminium alloy wheels.

At the end of the uphill part you finally start going downhill but the road is somewhat bumpy so this is your chance to get your breath back as you go up and downhill until you reach the junction for Sant'Andrea. Once you're past it the road goesuphill again until the town of Marciana.. Although the road is the exact opposite of what it was on your way to Punta Nera it is just as tiring: despite the fact that you're going up a less steep road it is very long.

In the first part you hardly notice the climb so you will be able to pedal hard, but after about 3 kilometres, one you've crossed the bridge with the sign for Maciarello the climb starts to get harder. Thankfully the lush vegetation in this area means you will have no problems in finding shade if you want to cool off a little. After about 6/7 kilometres you get to the highest point in your journey towards Marciana, at 364 metres above sea level. We suggest you stop for a break and admire the beautiful view, especially that of the town of Marciana Marina.

The road for Marciana Marina is without a doubt the easiest part because it is all downhill, and you'll find some uphill parts only if you decide to stop at Poggio. Just before you get to Marciana you'll see the famous Napoleon Springs on your right, so don't forget to fill up your water bottle with this lovely refreshing, spring water.

Cycling downhill from Poggio can be quite difficult because the road isn't very smooth, so we advise you to be careful and take your time.
In no time you will be back to sea level in Marciana Marina, then turn right in the direction of "Procchio". Despite having to go uphill and downhill frequently,so typical of the roads in Elba, the road from now on is very easy. But watch out for the traffic because it is heavier than in the previous parts.

Once you get to Procchio turn right and you'll be heading back for Marina di Campo.You might find the hill in Procchio somewhat tiring but it's the last uphill part. It only lasts a few hundred metres so soon you'll be back on the flat part that takes you to La Pila; just another two kilometres and you're back where you started, in Marina di Campo.

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