The most extreme disciplines you can do on an MTB in Elba

Those who love both risking and the Island of Elba will no doubt have noticed that in the past few years the number of Elba bikers who have taken part in some of the most spectacular, adrenalin flowing cycling disciplines has continued to grow.

For those who do freeriding, and love speeding down easy or difficult routes where natural obstacles are the only signposts, the Island of Elba - rich in mountain paths and tracks for lovers of rugged nature who await only the chance to get their adrenalin flowing - is the perfect place; it isn't very difficult to find your way about and the view of the sea is breathtaking.

This can be also be said for lovers of downhill, the "Formula One" MTB discipline, where speed is the most important factor, because the Island of Elba has a wide choice of roads and routes for them too. Although some of the roads may not be exactly what they are looking for, they are suitable for downhill, parabolical jumps and complicated movements in between the rocks.
Elba is also perfect for lovers of enduro, another discipline where you have to get to the top of the hills and mountains along with other cyclists, then race eachother downhill along routes and tracks that can be very easy or very difficult.

Last but not least, you will meet other lovers of these disciplines, so you can exchange suggestions and impressions of what you have done, or share your opinions as regards what the GoPro on your Mountain Bike has filmed; in short, what better a way to make new friends as you go along.

Foto ©Marco Ricci
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