The itineraries that bikers can follow in groups

If those who want to satisfy their curiosity as regards getting to know the Island of Elba, with its rich and varied panoramas and perfumes choose to set off on their bike, the best way is a journey done along with others, because this way you can make new friends and chat to the other cyclists about the best parts of the journey. Cycling along with others is alsothe safest way, because drivers will notice you easier, so as far as cycling along main roads is concerned, they will also be more careful and will slow down when they see you.

Depending on what type of excursion you set off on, you can choose whether you want to take your time, and stop from time to time to admire the sceneryand take photographs of Elba's beautiful nature, or go a little faster and pedal harder along with all the other members of the group so that you will find it easier to go uphill and along the more tiring parts.

Besides this, Elba has several facilities to offer cyclists as well as many hotels that cater for cycling teams that are training for a race, or groups of friends who share this one, same interest.

You will also be able to get in touch with local teams if you need any information concerning the route you want to follow, as well as important tourism details, whether you want to make your journey even better, or whether you simply want to share your experience with others and make new friends.

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