Hotels for bikers on holiday on the island of Elba

Since giving guests a proper welcome is without a doubt one of the most important aims of the "Ciclotourism Project" of the Province of Livorno, numerous hotels, farm holiday centres, campsites, RTAs and holiday resorts have got together and made up a list of rules by which they abide in order to ensure cyclsts specific facilities and services:

  • Bike deposit and safe keeping;
  • Minimum repairs;
  • On line information and internet access;
  • Dry room;
  • Information concerning facilities for bikers;
  • One night overstay;
  • Fixed and flexible meal times;
  • Bike washing areas;
  • Laundrette;
  • Emergency;
  • Bike rental and accessories;
  • Excursions with professional guides;
  • Bike and luggage transport;
  • Nearest cycling lanes;
  • General information.



Campo nell'Elba

Marciana Marina

  • Hotel Yacht Club *** - tel. 0565 904422


Porto Azzurro

Rio nell'Elba

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