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Rio Marina


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Costa dei Gabbiani Bike Center

Costa dei Gabbiani, Capoliveri


The infinite number of roads on the Island of Elba offers a fascinating and very variednetwork that contains a wide choice of levels of difficulty. For the more expert cyclists, the island offers difficult, uphill roads that become rapid downhill ones, all surrounded byunique and breathtaking scenery suitable even for holiday makers who wish to discover the lush, Mediterranean bush all over the island.

Although today, thanks to Internet and smartphones, it is very easy to find GPS and APP itineraries without having to ask for help, who better than a professional guide can suggest the best routes, how difficult they are, or when the best time to tackle them is

The cycling guides on the Island of Elba are an extremely important reference point. Cyclists who want to discover the island may ask for a guide to accompany them on their search for routes and paths through the bush, and why not, maybe even get him to show them some hidden, unknown deviation that, were the cyclist to face it on his own, might prove too difficult.

Tuscan Archipelago National Park

Guide MTB Isola d'Elba

  • Michele Cervellin - - tel. 347 8625760
  • Dario Anselmi, Guida dell’Accademia Nazionale di Mountain Bike -
  • Mauro Cottone, Guida dell’Accademia Nazionale di Mountain Bike - Costa dei Gabbiani Bike – tel. 348 312 2061 -
  • Davide Finetto, Professional Guide at the Federazione Ciclistica Italiana and Gravity athlete - Costa dei Gabbiani Bike Center – tel. 340 8416578 -

Excursion Centers - Tour Operator

  • Il genio del Bosco - tel. 0565 930837 -
  • Emozioni Mediterranee Elba Mountain Bike - tel. 328 6781755 -
  • Il Viottolo Mountain Bike - tel. 0565 978005 -
  • Pelagos Mountain Bike Island of Elba - tel. 347 6004835 -

Private excursionists on MTB

  • Gian Piero Mocali - - tel. 3287242289
  • Fabrizio Falagiani - - tel. 348 3624835
  • Andrea Saielli - - tel. 348 6421913
  • Marco Papi - Professional Guide for the AMI Bike (Italian Mountain Bike Association) - tel. 3206762691 -
  • Jonas Knauer - International Professional Guide for the MBLA (Mountain Bike Leadership Award) - tel. 3892489077 -