Teams on the Island of Elba

On the Island of Elba, doing a sport like cycling is a great way of making new friends.

Over the years, the number of cycling fans has grown considerably, to the point that many people have got together andformed teams, all of whom share this love both for the sport itself, and also the joy that comes from discovering the never ending beauty of nature on the Island of Elba.

Cycling is even more enjoyable when you are with other cyclists, especially if they are from the Island, because that way they will show you new places, as well as uphill and downhill roads that get the adrenalin flowing, that would otherwise remain unknown; when you are able to pedal along in a more relaxed way, you will be able to fully appreciate the breathtaking scenery.

The local teams will also have all the information you wish, and will be able to give you all the help or advice you need.

Elba Freeride

Elba Freeride came about thanks to a group of friends who shared the same Mountain Bike passion and wanted to show tourists and holiday makers - who seemed to be interested only in the beaches on the Island - that they could become nature lovers and help to protect the environment and still enjoy themselves and have a great holiday.

ASD ElbaBike

The ElbaBike Amateur Cycling Sports Association came to be thanks to Enrico Lenzi and Monica Maltinti, whose love for cycling made them want to encourage teenagers on the Island of Elba to take up this sport.Thanks to the Commune of Marciana, and the Amusement Park in Procchio, the "School of Off-Road Cycling" was started in 2006, that has since been awarded the nomination both by the CONI and by the F.C.I. as an Introductory and Perfection Centre for Off-Road Cyclists between the ages of 7 to 18.

Since 2006, the Association has managed to form a team of athletes who have taken part in regional, national and international moutainbike, cross country, bike and track competitions, where some members have got really good results.

ASD Elba Ovest

The Elba Ovest Amateur Sports Association was started in 1995 thanks to a group of friends whose love for cycling encouraged them to create what they called the "Western Elba Bike Marathon".

ASD Capoliveri Bike Park

The ASD Capoliveri Bike Park is strongly linked to the creation of the Capoliveri Bike Park project; many mountain bike lovers wanted to make the most of the routes that had become famous in 1994, when Monte Calamita was home to the Mountain Bike World Championship.

Marking off the routes meant making them permanent and "official" inside the Capoliveri Bike Park, and this gave birth to the Mountain Bike School, that aimed at two things: getting youngsters interested in this sport, and preparing guides who, on request, could accompany tourists and amateur cyclists.

Polisport Capoliveri ASD

The aim of this association is to teach children and teenagers loyalty and fair play, but it is suitable also for those who enjoy practising a sport without necessarily want to do it at an agonistic level. Thanks to the school that is part of the Polisport Association, here you have the chance to practise many other sports as well as cycling.

Gravity Elba Endurance

Since 2015, the love for cycling disciplines that really get your adrenalin flowing has started to become very popular on the island of Elba, even more so among teenagers who have come to realise how pleasant it can be spending time with others as they cycle slowly across the hills and over the mountains, tackling some tecnically complicated parts, or as they speed along some downhill road.

The idea of creating a MTB Gravity Elba Endurance team - Island of Elba mountain bike team - rose from these ever more frequent get togethers, where the sole aim is the pleasure that comes from getting up and deciding there and then to go out for a cycle along with your friends.
Gravity Elba Endurance

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