Stopping places

On the island of Elba there is an unlimited choice of itineraries; this means that one moment you are cycling along the highest peaks, and the next you're going along a coastal road.Whichever route you have chosen, each has its own level of difficulty, and they all have refreshment points with breathtaking views even if you just want to stop for a break: springs for a drink of cool water, picnic areas, refreshment areas for a quick snack...... what could be nicer after a trip on your bike than stopping at one of the local restaurants and enjoying something typical and traditional?

There is a network of public springs of drinking water throughout the island, in Portoferraio, Marciana Marina, Marciana and Marina di Campo, and there are also some natural springs in Pomonte (Marciana) and in Marciana. The Napoleon Springs is a natural spring that comes down the valley near Poggio in Monte Capanne. In Rio nell'Elba, on the other hand, you can see the famous Coppi Spring called after Fausto Coppi, because towards the end of his career he often came over to Elba to do his training; the dedication on the spring reads "1960 - 2010, here the champion stopped to drink"

Once you go past the village of Poggio, follow the road under the chestnut trees until you reach Monte Perone, and here you will come to a large picnic area if you want to stop for lunch, or relax and cool off in the shade of the high trees, and even have a nap. There is plenty of room to park your car, and there are many wooden tables and benches for you to eat on.


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