Mountain bike excursion from Lacona towards Marina di Campo and back

Level of difficulty: difficult
Length of route: 12,1 km
Type of road: 5% tarmacadam, 95% grit
Average time it takes :2 hours 30 minutes

Start off at the games park in Lacona and follow the main road for Marina di Campo. After one kilometre, go past the bridge and turn left into the grit road that runs alonside the campsite. Take the next right and follow the sandy road down.

The cartroad starts going back uphill and you get to a scenic area, from here you can see the gulf of Lacona, and, on a really clear day, the Island of Montecristo. The road continues through low vegetation, mostly broom, cistus, strawberry trees, lentisks, sage and rosemary. Up the mountainside road that takes you to the peak of Monte Tambone you will see the old "caprili", stone shelters cleverly made by putting stones one on top of the other, built by the shepherds both for themselves and for their herds.

This area is particularly wild because it is still untouched by man, so you can often see hares, pheasants, martens and wild boar. From the peak you have a very good view of the gulf of Campo, the Islands of Pianosa and Corsica, to the south west, and of the gulfs of Lacona, Stella and Porto Azzurro, to the south east.

Go back down the cartroad in the direction of Marina di Campo, but be careful because it is quite uneven. Not far from the Marina 2 Hotel you get back onto the main road that goes from Marina di Campo to Lacona, and, on a smooth road at last, keep going for about 12 km; that is where your journey will come to an end.

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Information from Riccardo Burchianti

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