Cycling as a sport in Elba

We can safely say that cycling as a sport in Elba has been one success after another; maybe it's because in Elba the cycling tradition goes back many years, in fact in the 1800s cycling was one of the most common ways to get about, as well as by donkey.

Practically everybody in Elba has a bicycle, and this sport has become even more popular in recent years, so you can be sure of meeting up with a cyclist anywhere on the island, even if he lives in an area that might seem complicated to get about in by bike.

And this explains why cycling as a sport is so popular and why fans are always coming up with new ideas: numerous competitions, many cycling fans who follow the races and also cycle along the roads on the Island of Elba.

In the 1980s, many races, organised and held by the numerous sports associations on the island, were held along the roads of Elba, and in 1993 the Tour of Italy started off in Elba, with two half laps in the first lap: one online trial and one time trial. Most of the races today are by mountain bike, and in 1994 the Mountain Bike World Cup

was held in Monte Calamita. Here is a list of the major races held every year on the Island of Elba as well as those that are no longer held

Month Discipline Race
May Downhill Urban downhill Rio nell'Elba
May Mountain bike Capoliveri Legend Cup
June Road bike Tagliagambe
October Mountain Bike Conquistadores Cup
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Capoliveri Legend Cup

Description and List of Winners of the Capoliveri Legend Cup.


Description and list of winners of the "Tagliagambe".

Gravity Races

Description and list of winners of the Gravity races on the Island of Elba.

Races of the past

The cycling races once held on the Island of Elba