The race that is now in the official 2016 UCI World Marathon Series

The Capoliveri Legend Cup is held in the second weekend of May, when the breathtaking, natural beauty of Monte Calamita is at its best

. Over the years this event has become more and more important. In 2016 the edition stood out and was inserted in the UCI World Marathon Series International Circuit, bringing back to the Island a mountain bike race that is of world level, and that hadn't been held in Elba for several years.

The race is held along the tracks of the Bike Park in Capoliveri, in the area of Monte Calamita, without a doubt one of the most suggestive parts of Elba, as well as being the famous route of the Cross Country World Cup since April 1994, (and considered by the press as one of the best races in the XX century).

The race is held along a track that is80km with a 3 000 metre difference in level across Monte Calamita that is not only very charateristic, but also offers magnificent colour contrasts between the red earth, the lush Mediterranean greenery and the inviting, turquoise-blue sea that makes you want to dive in. Those who don't feel up to attempting the difficult and tiring Marathon can instead try the absolutely breathtaking  Granfondo, 50 km long and with a difference in level of 1 700metres

Both the Capoliveri Legend Cup and the forementioned UCI World Marathon Series is valid for the FCI Marathon Tour circuits and the Coppa Toscana.

The Bike Park in Capoliveri is considered a paradise on earth by cyclists in Elba, because each of the five routes - 100 km all in all - is different in length and level of difficulty, and you can start at one then change to another. Each route is marked off with a different colour, and signposts give you all the information you may need (the name of the route, for example, which way to go, clear details of exactly where you are, and what the area is called if you want to check it on the map).

The competition also includes the Chiassi Cup, an exciting short race eliminator along the lanes (chiassi) and up and down the steps in the old part of Capoliveri; it takes place on the Friday before the Capoliveri Legend Cup.

If you wish to know more about the routes and the programme of the 2016 Capoliveri Legend Cup please go on to our web site

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List of Winners

Winners of the Capoliveri Legend Cup