Cycling race divided into laps

Elba Bike Tour, the only race in laps held on the Island of Elba that takes place on various types of roads.

Over the years, thanks to growing popularity, changes have been made both in the laps and in the route.

In 2013 there were five laps in the race, 4 of which on level roads with some uphill parts that were timed individually, and a timed one that was completely uphill. In 2014 the race was held over six laps: the cyclists were timed over 16 km of level road, with four laps that were uphill and one uphill one of 5 km, covering a total of 498 kilometres.

In 2015 something new was added to the traditional Elba Bike Tour, the Gran Fondo race of the Isand of Elba that is part of the new Tuscany Bike Challenge lap. The race is held over three different routes: the longest part is over 107 km, then there is a shorter one of 80 km, and the shortest of them all, if you can consider 67 km short.

The Gran Fondo race enables you to fully appreciate the natural beauty of Elba by cycling along some of its most beautiful roads, combining your love for cycling with unbelievable scenery that you will never forget.

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List of winners

List of winners of the Elba Bike Tour