Cross Country cycling race valid for the Italian Winter Championship Prize

This year (2015), the first Central Italy Juvenile Grand Prix Race was held in Marina di Campo; it consisted of 5 races held in Abruzzo, Lazio, Marche and Tuscany. from March to June;

The 4 km long route was quite difficult from a technical point of view, and the cyclists had to be very good; the entire race, held on a grit road, with both the departure and the arrival at the Go Kart track in Marina di Campo, started with quite a steep climb, followed by several downward parts, jumps and tree trunks, and came to an end at the track.

The race opened with about 230 young athletes consisting of juvenile cross country cyclists from all over Italy, all from the debutants, learners and very young categories.

The race was valid for the Italian Winter Champion jersey too, in the Debutants and Learners categories.

Almost 100 young cyclists took part in the Grand Prix Short race in the afternoon.

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List of winners

Winners of the First Central Italy MTB Juvenile Grand Prix trophy