Traditional cycling and running race at the start of the summer season on the Island of Elba

Since the first edition that started more or less as a joke between four friends, many years of bets, records and joys have passed, to the point that The "Tagliagambe" race in 2019 reached its 15th edition.

Today it is more or less considered a traditional cycling and running race that is held at the start of the summer season in Elba, and that has become more and more popular over the years among both Italian athletes coming from Bolzano, Turin and Reggio Emilia, and also from abroad: Germany, Finland and Austria.

Interesting fact: In the first two editions (2005 and 2006) there was only one competitor in the running category.

It is organized by a group of "Tagliagambe" fans in collaboration withthe AVIS of Marciana Marina and is sponsored by the Commune of Marciana Marina, and is a true, 9 km uphill race; the name itself ("tagliare le gambe" literally "cut your legs off") gives you a good idea of how tiring it is, starting off at Marciana Marina and going up as far as Monte Perone, 600 metres above sea level, with a difference in level that at times is as much as 13%.

Over the years, thanks to the fact that the athletes have been getting better and better, the records both of the running and of the cycling race have somewhat come down.

And to prove just how much the athletes from Marciana Marina enjoy a challenge, some new and original races have been introduced: the race with "Graziella" bikes without gears has been held since 2013, with departure from Poggio, and arrival at Monte Perone, and has been placed in the "team" category.

Interesting fact: On holiday with his family on the Island of Elba in 2016, Alex Zanardi was training on his handbike in Monte Perone for the Paralympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro (where he won two gold medals as well as a silver one) when he made an autoironical comment on Twitter about the "Tagliagambe" race: "My race! Do notice the name in pink...Sooner or later I will have to do it; Marciana Marina-Monte Perone.What a Beautiful climb!!!"

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List of winners

List of winners of each edition of the "Tagliagambe" Race