A guide for free climbing up the cliffs in Elba

The island of Elba offers a wide choice of outdoor sports in contact with nature, and one of the most interesting is without a doubt Free Climbing or "arrampicata sportiva" as it's called in Italian. Some perfect places are up the granite cliffs on the western side of the island, or those in the untouched Costa dei Gabbiani on the south eastern side.

From Fetovaia to Sant'Andrea, via Monte Capanne, there are many areas to do this wonderful sport. Some are suitable both for expert climbers, and also for those who have little experience and prefer safer areas.

There are climbing areas also on the eastern side of the island, especially on the Costa dei Gabbiani, in the Commune of Capoliveri.

Here you will find a list of areas on the Island of Elba suitable for mountain climbing, as well as photos, descriptions and suggestions, all written by Renato Bardi, expert, Nordic Walking Instructor, and Federal Instructor of the F.A.S.I. ("Federazione Arrampicata Sportiva Italiana", the Italian Fedreation of Free Climbing).
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Suggested areas

Madonna del Monte

Free climbing cliffs along the path of Madonna del Monte

San Bartolomeo

Free climbing up San Bartolomeo cliff, above the town of Chiessi

La Freccia - Pomonte

Free climbing cliff above the town of Pomonte.


Where to do free climbing up the cliffs between Seccheto and Fetovaia, along the Costa del Sole.

San Francesco Severo

Cliff for free climbing alon the road to Monte Perone, near the San Francesco Severo Hermitage.

Ginepro cliff

Cliff on the Ginepro beach, along the Costa dei Gabbiani, for doing free climbing.

Ginepro grotto

Free climbing on the Ginepro grotto, along the Costa dei Gabbiani.


Free climbing cliff on Remaiolo beach, along the Costa dei Gabbiani .

Baia dei Pirati

Free climbing in the Baia dei Pirati on the eastern side of Elba

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