Where to do free climbing between Seccheto and Fetovaia

From Marina di Campo follow the signs for Seccheto and Fetovaia.

Past Seccheto, on your left (sea side) you'll see the car park; from here you can get to the cliffs.

From the second car park you get to, going from Seccheto to Fetovaia, you can reach sectors 1 and 2.

From the third car park for sector 3, and from the fourth car park for sector 4.

If you go down on foot it takes about five minutes, and as you go down, you first get to the stops along the climb, then the foot of the cliffs.

Most of the lines don't have suitable places to stop at but only the two hooks, so we advise you to take some cords with you for going down, that you can easily get back on your way back to the car park.

The lines are no higher than 15 metres.

Sector 1

  1. Reny super boy 6a
  2. Hang Loose 6b
  3. Tempest 6b+
  4. Hogger Bogger 6c
  5. Acquarius 6a+
  6. Blue moon 6a+

Settore 2

  1. Germana 5b
  2. Venticinquemezzo 6a
  3. Natalina 6a
  4. Onda su onda
  5. Simonetta 6b
  6. Titanica 6b+
  7. Ventosa 6a+

Settore 3

  1. Crepix 6c
  2. Blu Blu 5c
  3. Toccata e fuga 6c+
  4. Toccata di fuga 6c+
  5. Tastata di fuga 5c+
  6. Poco Poco 6a
  7. Luna 6c+
  8. Must Klettern 6c
  9. Diedrix 5c+
  10. Apnea 6a+

Settore 4

  1. Via della formica 7a
  2. Mosquito Coast 6b+
  3. H 2 O 6a+
  4. Fabricrack 7a+
  5. Ombra Nera 7a+
  6. Fog 5c+
  7. Agua Caliente 6b
  8. Wet Wet 6b

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