Free climbing in Ginepro beach, along the Costa dei Gabbiani

Coming from either Portoferraio or Porto Azzurro, take the turning at Mola for Capoliveri.

Once you get to the town, follow the road auntil you get to a small roundabout, next to the Town buildings.

Here you will start seeing signs for the Costa dei Gabbiani. The first few kilometres of the road are tarmacadamed, then you have about 10 km of grit road that takes you to the "Costa dei Gabbiani" Residence.

Before you get to the village there is a road on your right that is closed to traffic by a chain (the receptionist of the residence has the keys), and this leads to the Remaiolo cliff and to the Baia dei Pirati.

Further along you will get to the riding school where you will see another chain that closes the road off for "Ginepro", it takes about 20 minutes on foot.

Since it is private property you cannot go through by car, but there are no problems on foot.

The road is somewhat longer if you want to go to the "Baia dei Pirati" or to the "Remaiolo".

The first roads you come to as soon as you go down the beach on the right.

  1. Dobloni e Galeoni 5c
  2. Cormorano nano 5c
  3. Dulpherina 5a
  4. Altamarea 5b

  1. Dolphina 6c+

  1. Cazza la randa 5b+
  2. Una bionda tutta d’oro 5c+
  3. Octopussy 5b
  4. Cozzamara 5a
  5. Verdesca L1 5c L2 5b

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