Free climbing up San Bartolomeo cliff, above Chiessi

Coming from Portoferraio, follow the signs for Procchio and Marina di Campo (Campo nell'Elba), and then those for Cavoli, Seccheto, Fetovaia and Pomonte.

Once you've gone past all these towns, all in all about 30 km, you reach [page id=282"]Chiessi[/page], sp park your car in the church square or in the small car park on your left below the road.

With the church behind you, you will immediately see a granite stairway with a sign saying path number 103 of the CAI.

It takes about 45 minutes to get to the cliff. San Bartolomeo is on two levels that aren't easily seen from the bottom.

You can reach the first level where the sign says path deviation, and there are several lines you can follow, while the higher level consists mainly of single lines.

There is also a small railing which enables you to go right to the top.

 You will need at least 12 hooks, a 60 metre cord and your helmet for this cliff.

Face 1

1. Spigolo all’ombra 5c
2. Olympus L1 5a L2 6b L3 6c
3. Variante ascari 7c
4. Via del geco spaventato L1 6b L2 6c
5. Mediterranea L1 6b L2 7a L3 6c
6. Tintura ridicola L1 5c L2 6a L3 A1
7. Spigolo al sole 6b
8. Spigolo al sole di destra 6b

23. Paso di Sambo L1 6a L2 7a+
24. 111 e lode L1 5b L2 5a L3 6a
25. Via dei gigli martagoni L1 5b L2 IV L3 IV+
26. Via dei veci L1 IV L2 IV L3 V
27. Arrabbiata L1 5c L2 ? L3 ?

Face 2

9. Ale 7a+
10. Fabbricante di chiavi 7b
11. Partenza miciadiale 7a
12. La fessura 6b
13. Aspide 6c
14. Prunella 6a+
15. 6 luglio 7a
16. Pioneering L1 5a L2 5C
17. Ventarella 6a+
18. Nina 6b+
19. Pinta 6a+
20. Santa Maria 6b
21. Papavero 6a
22. Sara 5c
23. Passo di sambo L1 6a L2 7a+

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