A selection of equestrian centres and riding schools on the island

If you want to live the pristine nature of the Island of Elba to the full, an excursion on horseback along its many paths and tracks is a must.

Riding across the countryside of the island, upwards along the gentle slopes and along the roads that follow the coastline and go down as far as the sea as though in symbiosis with your horse and the surrounding nature...all this is a completely fullfilling experience for lovers of horse riding. From then on, you will always carry the magnificent, unforgettable scenery in your heart...

There are many paths you can walk along or cycle over on your mountain bike that are also perfect for horse riding, and some of them are not only easier and more relaxing, but they also take you to breathtakingly beautiful places of priceless natural beauty. Whether you choose to go for a walk along one of the paths at the foot of Monte Calamita, on the eastern side of the island, or whether you decide to follow one of the upward paths to Monte Perone, you can be sure of a unique experience you will never forget.

There are several equestrian centres on Elba where you can be sure of having company for your excursions on horseback. Qualified instructors and guides are also available, and they will help you discover magical places and breathtaking views both of the mountains and of the sea. Even beginners who wish to take riding lessons will be able to do so at any of these equestrian centres or riding schools.

Here is some good advice for horse riders

For those who don't have their own horse: remember to bring all your safety clothing with you since it may not always be available at the centre you have chosen, and, depending on the area and time of year, some antiparasitic cream too: ticks and insects can prove to be a real problem.

For those who bring their own horse: please get all the necessary information you may need from the Shipping Company before putting your horse on the ferry for the Piombino to Portoferraio crossing. The The Toremar shipping company offers a good service on the Aethalia ferry, because there is an open air area inside the garage where the crossing will not upset the horses even during the summer months, when the temperature inside is often almost unbearable. Needless to say, you must book the crossing in advance, especially during the summer months. Since there are no shops in Elba that sell the necessary equipment for the care and personal hygiene of your horse, we suggest you bring it all with you. And last but not least, since it may not always be easy to get emergency antiparasitic medecines for your horse remember to bring them with you.

* Suggestions on behalf of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

Riding schools in Elba for excursions on horseback

  • ASD La Bosana Costa dei Gabbiani c/o Tenuta delle Ripalte

    Loc. Ripalte - Capoliveri
    tel. 0565.942408 - 346.2623713
    Seasonal opening only
    Member of FITETREC – ANTE

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