Training period for running on the Island of Elba

Training Holidays with Fulvio Massini are sports weeks for training for running and are for everybody: those who wish to start, those who have taken part in races before and want to improve their times and style, and those who want to combine training with enjoyment and relaxation while they are on holiday.

Conconi Test if you want to assess your training level, stretching lessons and core stability if you want to keep fit and feel good running, guided training on the track.

Guided training along the scenic areas in the most beautiful parts of the island where the climate is perfect for doing training and a quick swim in the crystal clear water when you have finished.

Theory discussions covering different themes: food, mental well being, integration.

The chance to take part in either just the practical or just the theory part.

Not just running, various other activities for either all the family or for those who have never run before, excursion to the Island of Pianosa, trekking, mountainbike and also relaxation!

Where the training lessons are held: Marciana Marina

Weeks when they are available: June 19th to 26th - August 14th to 21st and 21st to 28th - August 28th/September 4th

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