Walks along the paths of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park

According to the legend, the Tuscan Archipelago came from a string of pearls that Venus, goddess of beauty and love, was wearing round her neck. When it broke and fell into the Tirreno sea, the pearls gave origin to the islands. Over the centuries, the nature and history of Italy's third largest island have mingled together, giving us the incredible variety of environments and culture Elba has to offer today.

Even by walking only a few kilometres, you can start off at the sea and find yourself in the mountains. You can be visiting the remains of an Etruscan fortress and then, after walking only a few hundred metres, find yourself swimming in the sea, only to realize that the shaded rock near the beach you are looking at, was used by the Romans for loading their ships more than two thousand years ago.

On no other Mediterranean island are you able to see a granite mountain more than 1000 metres high, then, only two hours away, see one of the world's most interesting mining areas.

Whoever goes to the Island of Elba for the first time is always very surprised at how you just need to go round a bend and be faced with an unexpected and completely different landscape. Seemingly, its complex, geographical origins have brought about everything else, and if you think about it this can be the only explanation. If you want to see the Elba's true, innermost beauty, you mustn't consider the island solely from a tourist point of view, and the best way to do this is by discovering it on foot.

Going trekking means taking part in the evironment you are walking through. Even just a short, slow walk, with your senses alert, will fill your heart and soul with joy. And if you decide to go to Elba during the quieter Autumn or Winter or Spring months, you will discover microcosms based on delicate balances; historical, cultural and natural values so often forgotten today.

Elba on foot

We are certain the excursions we suggest, with the sea below and the sky above, won't only present you with new discoveries, but will also be a way to enrich your knowledge in one of the Mediterranean's most suggestive land and sea scapes.

Paths and trails

Trekking paths and trails in Elba for beginners and experts, suggestions on how to follow them and respect nature, and what to wear.
Biodola - Procchio trekking
The Fitness Track goes from Biodola beach to Procchio beach. It isn't difficult so it is suitable even for children.

Carmignani Walk
The Carmignani walk is an equipped route suitable both for adults and children, and goes from Porto Azzurro to Barbarossa beach.

At the Saint's places
A trekking route in Elba along the San Cerbone trails, amidst chestnut woods and the rocky cliffs of Marciana.

In the land of iron
Trekking route from Rio nell'Elba, the land of iron, to the fortress of Monte Giove.

Terranera Lake
Short trekking from Reale beach to Terranera Lake. Suitable also for children.

In the world of granite
Trekking excursion from San Piero, past Pietra Murata, and on to Moncione Mill: the granite routes in Elba.

On the peak of the Island of Elba
Going through ilex woods and slabs of granite and climbing up to Monte Capanne, the highest peak on the Island of Elba,

The eagles' nests
Walk along the slopes of Volterraio and Monte Castello, starting off at Rio nell'Elba.

Enfola ring
A short walk along the Enfola promontory, with unique scenery and important historical relics all around.

From north to south
Excursion on foot round the western part of the Island of Elba: from Marciana to Chiessi.

Capo Castello - Tonietti Mausoleum - Cavo
Excursion on the eastern side of the Island of Elba, near Cavo, among hawks and pheasants.

Campo ai Peri - Monte Orello - Acquabona
Trekking excursion across the paths of Monte Orello, as far as Acqua bona, on the Island of Elba.

Elba Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking in Elba: a healthy activity suitable for all that is done in the heart of the magnificent nature on the island.

Previous editions of the Walking Festival

A review of the past years’ Walking Festivals
Tuscany Walking Festival 2015
Every part of the 2015 Walking Festival so that you can get to know every aspect of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

2014 Tuscany Walking Festival
Everything about the 2014 Walking Festival in the Tuscan Archipelago Park. The programme includes many excursions following Napoleon's steps.

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