Trekking from Porto Azzurro to Barbarossa beach

Length: about 1 kilometre
How long it takes: 15 minutes
Level of difficulty: easy

The Carmignani walk is one of the many naturalistic itineraries on the Island of Elba: from a scenic point of view it is wonderful because it offers many breathtaking panoramas, and from a excursionist point of view it isn't particularly difficult , so this makes it suitable for children too.

In about 1 kilometre the road goes from Porto Azzurro to Barbarossa beach.

There are benches along the way if you want to stop and admire the view of the sea, it is lit up, and it goes along the top of the cliffs that drop sheer down to the seawith a magnificent view all the way from the lighthouse in Capo Perla to the beaches in Straccoligno as well as the whole promontory of the Costa dei Gabbiani.

The panorama of the sea and the coves below is breathtaking.

The walk is called after Luciano Carmignani, ex general and mayor of Porto Azzurro for just over two years, from 1999 to 2001, who died of illness.

You start off from the seafront and walk along Pianotta beach, then follow the uphill path as far as the historical ramparts of [page id="628"]San Giacomo Fort[/page].

If you want to avoid the walk from the beach up to the Fort, just park your car at the foot of the Fort and start off from there.

The Fort is in the promontory of Porto Azzurro at the top of steep cliffs so it overlooks the surrounding area; it is star shaped, with three sides facing the sea. If you walk along the foot of the Fortress you can't help noticing the majestic external walls with some parts built in bricks and others in stone.

Today San Giacomo Fort is used as a prison so visitors are not allowed inside.

With the scent of the sea in the air and surrounded by Mediterranean bush, keep going along the path for about 15 minutes - with a fantastic view of the sea and Porto Azzurro - until you reach Barbarossa beach.

It's a very relaxing walk and is the perfect way to really appreciate the beautiful greenery on the Island of Elba.

For those who still don't feel tired and want to continue trekking along the coast, from here you can also get to the beach and Terranera Lake, another unique and enchanting place on the Island of Elba.

This extra walk will take you about another 45 minutes one way.

At the far end of Barbarossa beach, on your right facing the sea, you will see a short path with steps that takes you right to the top of the road above you.

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