A short walk suitable for children

Length: about 5 kilometres
How long it takes: 2 hours
Level of difficulty: medium

This route enables you to see the Enfola promontory, one of the most suggestive areas on the island, and included in the areas of the National Park. What makes this area so unique is the fact that the Capo Enfola promontory is joined on to the rest of the island by a narrow isthmus of land.

It is a truly beautiful and scenic walk that has both many naturalistic elements and historical relics dating back to World War II. It starts at sea level and reaches a height of about 100 metres above sea level but doesn't go right to the top of the promontory.

To get to Enfola from Portoferraio just follow the signs for Enfola-Viticcio and park your car opposite the offices of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park (one of the old tuna fishing net areas on the Island of Elba)

. Take the path that starts on the right of the Park offices and slowly follow the winding road up along the side of the hills. You will see somewartime ruins along the way that were once part of a majestic defense system dating back to World War II, and at the same time you are spoilt for choice as you admire the many breathtakingly beautiful panoramas: on the west you have the Gulf of Viticcio that goes as far as Sant'Andrea, and on the east the white-sands beaches in Portoferraio, the strait of Piombino and the mainland.

Capo d'Enfola is an excellent example of true, Mediterranean bush where above all in spring many, very perfumed and colourful flowers are in full bloom.

Once you reach the top of the promontory you will see the entrance to a tunnel on your right, it too is part of the ruins of the fortifications dating back to World War II.

The tunnel runs under the ground for about 20 or 30 metres, but there are no lights inside so if you want to go in take a torch with you, or at the very worst use the light from your mobile. Even if you follow it all the way through it doesn't come back out where you started but a few metres away.

Once you're out the tunnel follow the main path that you'll see on your right, and a few metres farther along you will see another fortification from the War that you can visit.

Keep going until you get to the junction with a sign for Capo d'Enfola, and this takes you to what is known as The Ship, the rock just off the end of the promontory.

If you take this detour you will get to thecliffs with a sheer drop right down to the sea, that are also a safe, natural habitat for thesea birds that make their nests there: above all cormorants but also one of the largest colonies of seagulls on the Island of Elba. Try not to disturb them, especially when they are making their nests and laying their eggs (from March to July), but watch and study them at a distance, also because at this time of the year seagulls can be quite aggressive.

In the distance you will see the sea town of Marciana Marina at the foot of Monte Capanne, the Island of Capraia practically facing you, Portoferraio (on your right) and the northern side of Elba as far as Cavo.

At this point turn back as far as the junction and follow the signs for "Enfola ring" that will take you right back to the car park where you started.

The uphill part of your journey is mostly in the sun, then it slowly starts to get shady the nearer you are to your starting point. On the other hand, the detour that takes you to the view point facing the sea is in the sun for the whole time.

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