An excursion that is suitable even for children

How long it is: about 3 kilometres
How long it takes: about 1 hour
Level of difficulty: easy

This very pleasant walk, that starts off at Biodola beach and goes as far as Procchio beach, can be described as a continuation of the trekking that starts off in Viticcio and goes as far as Forno beach.

It is a very relaxing walk that takes just over an hour and gives you the chance to admire a breathtaking view of the sea with the scents of the Mediterranean bush in the air, and last but not least on a hot summer's day, in the shade of the treees practically all of the way.

Walk the entire length of La Biodola sandy beach and once you get to the far left you will see the start of the "Fitness Track". Start off right at the rocks and go past a gate, but be prepared to find it closed sometimes during the winter.

Keep going and go through a suggestive tunnel that was carved out of the rocks during World War II, and you'll soon get to a short path that is kept clean until you get to a beautiful, sheltered tiny cove: Lamaia beach.

You will be walking with the sea at your side, with the beautiful scenery all around you reflected on the water, and you'll get to another tiny cove: Porticciolo beach.

Sometimes people with small boats or dinghies moor them there but they certainly won't be a problem.

Keep going through the vegetation and right next to the sea you will come to the area known as La Guardiola at the end of the bay Walk across a wooden footbridge and you will get to Procchio sandy beach.

A camera is a must and make sure you also go in for a swim in one of the two tiny gulfs that are more often than not deserted because the main road is far away and the only way to get to them is either on foot or by boat.

The entire walk is suitable even for families with small children because it is easy, flat and in the shade most of the way, but above all never monotonous.

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