Island of Elba, paradise for Nordic Walking lovers

The entire territory of the Island of Elba, characterized by many paths, is a real paradise for excursionists: on foot, by bike and on horseback.

You go from the lush green chestnut woods on the western side to the moonlike areas of the mines on the eastern side, and to the mountainous area on the slopes up to the peak of Monte Capanne.

Elba is also a very popular destination for lovers of Nordic Walking, a unique discipline done outside that combines classical walking with that where you use special walking sticks that makes you feel good both phsically and mentally.

A healthy activity that anybody can do and from which you will truly benefit from: your posture will improve, as will your defense mechanism, the aging process will be slowed down and you might even lose some weight.

The ever varying environment in Elba, with its numerous paths that cover every level of difficulty, makes the island perfect for lovers of Nordic Walking: beginners can easily face the level paths with the Mediterranean scents and colours all around, while experts will no doubt love the challenge of the steeper mountain ones.

Another thing that makes Elba unique is the fact that you can start off along the coastline (not a usual environment for Nordic Walking) and end up on the high slopes of the mountains.

The beautiful scenery on the Island of Elba is breathtaking at any time of the year so excursionists can be sure of unique panoramas, but it is above all in spring and in autumn, when the weather is cooler, that you feel the need to start getting out again and improve both your mental and physical health.

The Walking Festival is also held at this time of the year, another great opportunity to come into close contact with nature, have a good time and do some healthy exercise. If you wish, you can also go on these excursions with expert instructors and learn the healthy technique of Finnish walking with sticks.

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