2015 Walking Festival "in the sun of the islands"

This year, like in the past years, special events are promoted by the Tuscan Archipelago National Park: the 2015 Walking Festival (Walking Festival) held in spring, from April 24th to May 10th, and in autumn from September 19th to October 4th.

The main attraction proposed by the Park this year will be ecotourism in the Tuscan islands, that although share the same past geological history are very different, as well as being separated by the deep blue Mediterranean that holds the largest Marine Park in Europe as well as a Cetacean Santuary.

A choice of events covering many different aspects and interests will be proposed each day: the pleasure of walking, excursions, nature, geology and history, so you can get to know yourself better. For younger children there will be health programmes and cultural events. Whatever choice you make, you can be sure that special care is taken in trying to cater for everybody's needs: from easy routes suitable even for small children to more difficult ones suitable for even the fittest of excursionists:

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Spring excursions

The spring excursions and walks in the 2015 Walking Festival.

Autumn excursions

Autumn excursions in the 2015 Walking Festival.