Autumn programme from September 19th to October 4th

The autumn events in the Walking Festival will start with a three-day stay in Capraia, considered the most rugged of the islands of the Park. The theme will be "Quelli che andèveni a cògghie le sammule", that is, "those who used to go wild garlic picking". You will hear of the men and women who had the courage and strength to survive in what was undoubtedly a beautiful place, but at the same time (at least from some points of view) arid, barren, almost hosile.

Just like the spring events, there will also be numerous autumn ones, aimed at guiding those who take part on a journey across the scents of the Mediterranean bush, woods and salt, and the typical autumn colours.

On the Island of Giglio for example, where the territory is rich in agriculture and vineyards, you will get to know its very own type of grape, "Ansonica", that is the protagonist of the grape harvest every year in September. On Saturday September 19th, those who take part in the excursion will have the joy of seeing the breathtaking sunset over the islands of the Archipelago while they sip the local Ansonica wine and savour some typical, fish dishes.

On September 20th for example, those who wish to learn some technical information on the Nordic Walking discipline can take part in the excursion through the suggestive and unique chestnut woods in Marciana.

In Pianosa, on the other hand, on October 3rd, you can go for a walk along the biodiversity in search of fossils, endemic and cultivated plants, and autochthonous animals; whereas on the Island of Giannutri on October 4th you can visit the remains of an ancient Roman villa that belonged to the Domizi Enobarbi family. The events and appointments of the walking Festival are numerous and very varied indeed, just like the islands in the Tuscan Archipelago.

And when the festival is last appointment: "A colourful walk on Monte Grosso" , following the GTE path no. 61 that takes you right to the top of Monte Grosso, also called "The Trafficlight", because it was once a military post; from here you have a breathtaking view of the roadstead of Portoferraio and the stretch of water as far as Piombino.

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