Spring programme from April 24th to May 10th

On Friday 24th April, the first naturalistic excursion on the Island of Giglio will be the opening of the 2015 Walking Festival: "colours, scents and first fruits of spring" , in the course of which you will be able to study the flowers in full blossom of the island.

There will be a wide choice of events in the days that follow,like a trip to the mines in Capoliveri, or the chance of tasting traditional, home made products of the farms in Rio Marina. Believe it or not, both during the day and at night, because on Monday 4th May there will be a night excursion in one of the most magical and suggestive areas of the Island of Elba: from the hillside village of San Piero to Piane al Canale, below a star-spangled sky.

Each excursion will cover the particularities of each of the islands of the archipelago, for example the sizes and colours of the butterflies of Elba (May 27th), or the plants you can drink, eat or simply use on the Island of Giglio (April 25th), or where the herring gull makes its nest on the Island of Giannutri (May 9th).

On the Island of Capraia, for example, there will be itineraries that cover music therapy (May 9th): one at dawn, when you can hear the magical sounds on the island like the sweet music from the "Tibet bowls", the other in mid morning, surrounded by the magnificent scents and colours heated by the sun. On Friday 1st and Sunday 3rd May three actresses will put on a theatrical play by Jean Luc Lagarce entitled "Rules on how to live in a modern society", while a dancer will pay tribute to sun and wind dances.

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