Outdoor sports that go hand in hand with lovers of nature

The fact that the climate in Elba is always very mild, especially on warm days, means that lovers of outdoor sports want to keep fit in the heart of nature and make the most of the good weather and sunshine. You are spoiled for choice.... Elba is without a doubt the outdoor island, a paradise on earth for lovers of outdoor sports!

Wherever you go you will find yourself surrounded by the peace and quiet of Mother Nature, kilometres and kilometres of suggestive paths and routes in the heart of the woods and the Mediterranean bush that often reward you with a breathtaking view of the sea as well: doing outdoor sports on the Island of Elba means just that, all at the same time!

Whether you are in the mountains, gently, sloping hills or by a brook or stream, in Elba you can do all the most popular outdoor sports. Just do a little training and exploring and follow your sense of adventure!

Choose from any of the extreme sports like free climbing or going downhillby bike, to the trekking excursions on foot or on horseback,  and every type of walking and running race, not to mention the watersports: sailing, kayaksurfing, windsurfing or diving.

All the disciplines can be done at every level and with many variations, and are suitable for beginners, those who are keen or experts, By yourself or with expert guides.

Breathe in pure air, take our advice and make the most of a sport in complete harmony with nature! Stress will be but a distant memory.

There are numerous sports asssociations in Elba that organize competitions both at a national and international level.The >a target="_blank href="https://www.elbaeventi.it/eventi-isola-delba/categorie/sport/">special events calendar is all year round and covers all the archery, enduro, cycling, triathlon, rowing races and competitions as well as the walking and trial running ones! Just click on the elbaeventi,it, category sports web site and you will find them all!

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