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Thanks to the high number of sailing schools on the Island of Elba, here you have the chance to become a part of the world of sailing.

Just join any one of the courses and you will have have a different and completely new opinion of the sea, as well as discover how best to respect the environment and respect your fellow crew members. The children and adults who enroll in one of the sailig schools will discover a whole new world based on the three main values of life at sea: collaboration, independence, solidarity.

The courses and lessons run by the sailing schools on the island of Elba are suitable both for learners and for experts who want new emotions. All the instructors are fully qualified, and all the lessons have both a theory and a practical part, consisting of practice in the sea with the aim of becoming acquainted with the rules of sailing and acquiring a proper sense of direction, and learning how to use the equipment. This way, the more "expert" will be able to develop real sailing skills.


Most of the instructors in the sailing schools are either native speakers, or know several languages.

Those who wish to get their sailing license on the Island of Elba can enroll in one of the courses that grants the license for both sail boats and motor boats, up to 12 miles or unlimited.


The courses include: theory, practise with the sailing or motor boat used where the exam is held.

Other sailing schools on the island of Elba

Sailing centres


Contact details

Club del Mare Campo nell'Elba 0565 976942
Circolo della Vela Marciana Marina 0565 99027
Centro Velico Elbano Rio Marina

0565 962566

Scuola Vela Utopia Cavo (Rio Marina)

0565 931912

Circolo Nautico Cavo Cavo (Rio Marina) 0565 949634 - 0565 931023
Aloha Capoliveri 347 4969219
Circolo Velico Capoliveri Capoliveri 0565 968764
Innamorata Beach Capoliveri 349 1268325
Centro Velico Naregno Capoliveri 338 9240201
Circolo Velico Porto Azzurro Porto Azzurro 0565 957867
ASDN La Guardiola Procchio (Marciana) 0565 907303
Segelzentrum Elba Portoferraio 0565 961090
Casa di Vela Portoferraio 0565 933265
Lega Navale Portoferraio 0565 917243