Shopping and typical products in the squares of the seven communes

Going to one of the markets held weekly in the squares in Elba gives you a good opportunity to buy some characteristic products. Mostly in the historical part of each town, they are very lively, and are the perfect place if you are looking for something typically local, and why not, save money too.

This calendar will help you take part in the weekly unique colours and perfumes, and as you go from stall to stall you will be able to find very good prices for a wide variety of products.

The market is in no way inferior to the larger city ones, and not only are there stalls selling fruit and vegetables, flowers and plants, clothes and household products, there are also stalls where you can buy typical products from Elba as well as regional and Italian specialities. During the summer, especially in the typical holiday towns like Bagnaia, Cavo and Lacona, the evening markets offer you an extra chance if you are looking for something typical and characteristic.

  • Mondays: Rio Marina
  • Tuesdays: Rio nell'Elba and Marciana Marina
  • Wednesdays: Marina di Campo
  • Thursdays: Capoliveri and Procchio
  • Fridays: Portoferraio
  • Saturdays: Porto Azzurro
  • Sundays: Lacona

During the summer, there are also characteristic evening markets in the squares in Marciana Marina, Capoliveri, Portoferraio and Porto Azzurro. You will find small, colourful handicrafts like watercolours, shells, minerals, pottery and that special something to take back with you as a souvenir of your holiday in Elba.

Land and Sea Market in Procchio

Market of land and fish products of small firms and local producers of the Island of Elba.
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