Honey, extra virgin olive oil and cosmetics

There is a wide choice of typical products and items from the Island of Elba to suit every pocket: perfumes, cosmetics, minerals, jewellery, watches, bags and shoes, as well as food and wine products; it's just a question of choice what you take back with you. Here are some suggestions as to what to buy:

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As far back as the Etruscan period Elba has been famous for its minerals. On the eastern side of the island there are shops that specialize in minerals, where you will find both low cost souvenirs as well as beautiful hand made mineral creations and elegant jewellery.


As far back as early days women have used plants, flowers and herbs from the land and the woods to create health products and cosmetics for healing all types of skin and hair problems. Today, thanks to two olive growers who have inherited the recipes from their grandmothers, with the help of experts they have brought this tradition back to life, and they now use their olive oil as a base for creating completely natural health and beauty products.


True to even the oldest traditions, Elba too has "given birth" to generations of pottery experts who know how to create wonderful pieces of art simply by mixing the earth, colours and warmth of Elba all together: small souvenirs, watches, vases, lampshades and ornaments for both indoors and outdoors.


As the name suggests, the Acqua dell'Elba is, in every possible way, the perfume of the Island. The craft laboratory is in Marciana Marina, and every single product is hand made using only prime materials. There is an Acqua dell'Elba shop in every town on the island where you can buy perfumes and soaps that fill the air with all of Elba's perfumes the moment you open them.


Everybody has heard of Locman watches! This famous brand name that fascinates the international jet set comes right from Elba. The head office and laboratory are in Marina di Campo and the shops are all over the Island. Over the years the Locman collection has expanded into jewellery and leather items as well, all bearing the same style and design that have made this Elba brand name famous all over the world.

Food and wine products

There are many typical food and wine products from Elba for you to buy and take home with you to remind you of the wonderful holiday you had on this beautiful island. The different flavours are different stories of different people, conquests and loves (see "Elba cuisine"), be they of the "Schiaccia Briaca", the "Schiacciunta" or the "Sportella", be they the Potato Bread and the Easter Bread from San Piero, or jams and honeys, or the excellent Aleatico, the wine made from dried grapes that as far back as the Etruscan period has been made with grapes from Elba.

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