Concerts, local feasts, sports and cultural events

Going to Elba when there are special events, village festivals or local festivities will help make your holiday even better, showing you a different island from the one you know of sea and beaches: an island whose origins are to be found in stories of past generations and Medieval beliefs, an island made of music, dances, customs, colours and sounds.

So why not choose the dates of your holiday exactly when there are the yearly celebrations, so that you can get to know a different Elba?

If you love walking why not take advantage of the Walking Festival that takes place in Spring!: a whole month of free, guided excursions along the ancient paths in Elba; or for those who fancy going to Elba in Autumn, there are gastronomic feasts like the Grape Festival, and the Chestnut Festival that take place in small, hillside towns. During the summer, on the other hand, there is something for everyone: fancy dress celebrations like the beautiful commemoration of the lovers' legend on July 14th, or the music festival that has reached international fame.

Infoelba advice: our website also includes Elba Eventi. here you will find all the exhibitions, concerts, village festivals, shows and cinema programmes: there is always something to do in Elba!

Further along you will find all the major events that for years, sometimes for centuries, have brought ancient local traditions back to life, making both locals and tourists feel part of it all.


Numerous spring special events and exhibitions in Elba: Walking Festival, Napoleonic May, scooter and motorbike gatherings.
Walking Festival
In Elba, The Tuscan Archipelago Park organizes a month of trekking excursions and events in connection with walking, nature and the discovery of the past.

Scooter Rally gathering
One of the most important Vespa and Lambretta gatherings in Italy is the Tuscan Scooter Rally, held in Capoliveri on the island for the past ten years.

Sportella festival
For centuries, in the Hermitage of Santa Caterina,on Easter Monday, the festival of the "Sportella", the typical Rio nell'Elba lovers' cake, has taken place.

Napoleonic May
In Portoferraio, where Napoleon was exiled for 300 days, a mass is held in the Misericordia Church to pray for the soul of the Emperor .

May Festival
The "May" is a traditional festival in Campo, when boys and girls exchange love serenades and the typical cake called "Corollo".


Many musucal exhibitions and historical revivals in summer in Elba: the Lovers' Legend, Mediterranean Jazz Festival.
Magnetic Festival
A Festival, born in 2015, dedicated to every type of musical art: operetta, opera, classical and Baroque music.

Elba Rowing Race
Very exciting male and female races, often fought right up to the last second, bring locals together and make them very proud to be from Elba.

Raffaello Brignetti Literary Prize
Since 1962 the Island of Elba Literary Prize has been a feather in its culture cap. More than 2000 books and authors have been examined over 45 years.

Gaspare Barbiellini Amidei Prize
The Prize, born in 2008, dedicated to Gaspare Barbiellini Amidei, writer and journalist, then assistant editor of the Corriere della Sera and editor of Il Tempo

Legend of the Betrothed
Historical remake and challenges along the lanes of Capoliveri, in memory of the tragic way Maria and Lorenzo were separated.

Santa Chiara the Patron Saint
The Santa Chiara celebration is famous above all for its splendid fireworks that go off in time to music, organized by the Comune of Marciana Marina.

Elba, European Music Island
For over fifteen tears, this classical and jazz festival has taken place every September, with international artists performing live in Portoferraio.


Fter the summer, Elba offers both sports and food and wine special events, like the famous Elba Rally, the Grape Festival, the Chestnut Festival in Poggio.
Elba Historic Rally
The unforgettable Elba Rally has seen many famous champions in more than twenty-three years, as have the Elba Historic Rally and the Elba Graffiti.

Elbaman Triathlon
National and international sportsmen and ironmen have been taking part in this extreme triathlon competition for years that is held in Marina di Campo.

Grape Festival
Grapes, wine and the Capoliveri traditions are renewed every year in one of the most beautiful traditional celebrations in Elba.

Chestnut Festival
Poggio, in the Commune of Marciana, is the perfect place for a Chestnut Festival, held for the past thirty years in this Medieval town.


Even in winter Elba comes to life with many special events: Christmas markets, feasts in the squares, food and wine feasts.
Christmas markets in Sant'Ilario
Every year the tiny village of Sant'Ilario on the hilss above Marina di Campo, looks just like a Christmas card with Christmas lights, perfumes and sounds.

New Year's Eve in the square
Food and wine stalls, concerts and shows, fireworks on the sea for years have brought in the new year in the Medicean town of Portoferraio.

Hilarious donkey race in Marina di Campo
The donkey race is now one of the main traditional events in Elba. Food and wine stalls, as well as live music, along the streets in the town centre.

Special events of the past

Special events and exhibitions once organized on the Island of Elba.
Children's Islandl Elba Festival
Activities, special events, laboratories and shows for children with a special conclusion in Sant'Ilario.

Mediterranean Jazz Festival
A jazz festival, where young musicians make a name for themselves on a top level stage.

World Music
After the great success of the previous editions, every year for two evenings World Music offers famous artists from all over the world.

A. Vespucci Sailing Trophy
For over fifteen years, the Amerigo Vespucci, the most famous training ship in the world, has landed in Portoferraio as a head for deep sea sailing regattas.

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