Last week end in September - Marina di Campo

For years, both national and international sportsmen and ironmen have been taking part in this extreme and leggendary competition that takes place  in and across breathtaking and pristine scenery on the Island of Elba, and where man once again has the chance to put both his physical and mental resistance  to the test.Just like true iron men and women,

Elbaman starts with 3,8 km of swimming in the beautiful bay of Marina di Campo. Dawn lights up the hazy sea in Elba and makes the start off a somewhat  magical moment Just like in any triathlon  swimming is followed by cycling over the typical 180km divided into three parts along the western ring road of the Island. The last part is 42,2 km of running

As well as the actual race, for the past nine editions an extra part has been added, the race known as half distance or "half ironman"  as it is called with all three routes only half the length, that is, 1,9 km swimming, 94 km by bike and the half marathon of 21,1 km.

Those who wish can also tackle the long  relay  race where 2 or 3 athletes choose a hamlet and each takes part in a separate league. This part of the race offers various possibilities, one of which is thechildren's race , a type of mini-triathlon Elbaman Kids that year after year seems to appeal to more and more baby "ironmen".

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